A closeup of a person holding eggs.
Elevate Your Breakfast By Frying Eggs In This Unexpected Sauce
By S. Ferrari
One of the most unexpected ways to transform a humble fried egg into a decadent meal is by frying it in a pan with barbecue sauce.
The condiment becomes caramelized and thickens, creating crisp edges and delivering all those sweetly tangy notes for an undeniably delicious finished product.
The condiment's sugar can burn easily when exposed to high heat. With that in mind, the best practice is to stick to a nonstick pan to avoid a sticky mess that might ruin your egg.
Add butter to your pan, layer in your sauce, then gently drop in your egg and fry to your desired level of doneness. For a scramble, simply whisk the sauce into your mix.
When choosing your sauce, consider the sauce's many different flavor profiles. The different distinctions and nuances will elevate your fried eggs in uniquely flavorful ways.