Gent, Flanders, Belgium - July 30, 2021: Dunkin Donuts store black and window facade on corner showing display inside and advertising as DD.
Dunkin' Used To Be Called Something Completely Different
By Brianna Corley
Renowned coffee chain Dunkin’ has captured the hearts of Americans, selling 60 cups of mocha lattes and classic cold brews by the second and even occasionally using its location as a wedding venue. Loyal fans did not even stir when it dropped the iconic "Donuts" from its moniker in 2018, but this was not the first time the company had a name change.
According to the brand’s website, right after WWII, its founder Bill Rosenberg began selling sandwiches alongside coffee and pastries to hungry factory workers. He soon discovered that people love coffee and donuts, which prompted him to open a donut and coffee shop in Massachusetts called Open Kettle, the first-ever Dunkin’ shop.
There are some theories about how Dunkin’ Donuts' name came to be — the first one is that Rosenberg was inspired to give his business a new logo after seeing many of his customers dip their donuts in a cup of joe. The other version (vouched for by Dunkin') is that Open Kettle's Executive Architect suggested the famous name because dunking donuts in coffee was a tasty idea.