The inside of dishwasher during a clean cycle.
Dry Dishes Faster With A Dishwasher Towel Hack
By Madalyn Mackarey
The invention of the dishwasher has made cleaning dishes easier, but they're not great at drying dishes well and often leave your dishes with a damp film.
Luckily, there's an easy new hack making the rounds on social media, which doesn't require you to wipe your dishes manually with a hand towel.
Instead, place a hand towel (preferably made of terry cloth) halfway inside the dishwasher once the wash cycle is complete, letting the other half hang out.
The towel will absorb most of the remaining steam. Your towel only needs about five minutes hanging half-in and half-out of the dishwasher.
Just make sure to close the dishwasher with the towel half inside so it can get to work absorbing most of the steam. The result will be damp-free dishes.