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Don't Skip This Step When Refilling Your Pepper Mill
By Hannah Beach
When pepper is pre-ground, it lacks some of the kick you can get by grinding it fresh. Using a pepper mill takes your seasoning game up a few notches, but if you want to reach the highest and hottest pepper levels, there's one additional step you should take before refilling your mill.
Toasting your peppercorn before it’s ground in the mill will bring out its ultimate flavor. According to Executive Chef Max Boonthanakit, all you have to do is put some peppercorns in a skillet and toast them over medium heat for three to five minutes, stirring so they don’t burn or, as People Magazine suggests, until they’re “warm and fragrant.”
As Together in Food explains, toasting peppercorns before grinding them in your pepper mill "enriches" both their scent and flavor. It’s super simple, and it brings out the most flavor with an added bonus of smoky flavoring.