Grilled portions of salmon and green asparagus with lemon slices and herbs,
Does Salmon Need To Be Flipped In The Air Fryer?
By Carolyn Jenkins
While traditional cooking methods often involve flipping food for even cooking, the rapid hot air circulation in air fryers eliminates the need for flipping salmon.
Cooking salmon in an air fryer is very simple, and since it's essentially a miniature version of the convection oven, it will cook evenly without the need to flip it.
Properly drying and refrigerating salmon before cooking ensures optimal results and prevents the skin from sticking to the cooking surface.
Many recommend air frying it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about seven to eight minutes, with the skin facing down to retain moisture and achieve a crispy texture.
For crispy all-around salmon in the air fryer without flipping, glaze the top with olive oil and seasonings to ensure a moist interior and textured exterior.