Root, Zingiber officinale. (Photo by FlowerPhotos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Do You Really Need To Peel Ginger?
By Garth Clingingsmith
Peeling ginger isn’t an easy task and can be intimidating to new cooks. It can be hard to maneuver a peeler around all the nooks and crannies, which is why the long-standing advice has been to use a spoon to prevent removing any flesh.
The next trend in ginger peeling advice is not to peel it at all. Author and recipe developer Molly Baz states, "I have noticed little to no perceptible flavor difference between peeled and unpeeled ginger [...] I'd venture to say the skin likely contains some nutrients that are otherwise going to waste."
As it turns out, ginger skin won’t ruin recipes, but instead, it can amp up the already substantial health benefits. Just remember to scrub your ginger under running water and trim off any damaged areas since the knobs can harbor a lot of dirt and debris.