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Do You Need To Thaw Frozen Coffee Beans Before Use?
By Emily Hopkins
There are several ways of enjoying your favorite coffee, but it is hard to beat the rich taste of freshly brewed beans. While the National Coffee Association recommends storing your coffee beans in opaque and air-tight containers at room temperature, freezing them is a great option, especially when you have too much in stock.
When preparing frozen coffee beans for your next cup of coffee, there is no need to thaw them before grinding. According to research by Christopher Hendon and his team, grinding your coffee beans right out of the freezer results in a more consistent and better uniform particle distribution, likely producing the correct particle size and flavor for your preferred cup of coffee.
Freezing your coffee beans not only increases their shelf life for up to four months but will keep them fresh and flavorful until ready to use. What's more, freezing coffee beans allows you to stock up on different coffee flavors without worrying about them going stale after a short time.