A closeup of a rosemary sprig on a corn beef.
Do You Actually Lose Flavor When You Rinse Corned Beef?
By Kelly Douglas
When you want to try your hand at Irish fare and make corned beef and cabbage, many first-time cooks get stumped on the decision of whether to rinse or not rinse their corned beef.
Corned beef has a significant amount of salt, so if you cook it as is or after brining, you'll be choking down dinner and begging for water.
This is why you should rinse your corned beef once you take it out of the package to remove excess salt and also improve the overall flavor.
Since the brining solution is salty too, rinse the slab of corned beef after you take it out of the solution, and don’t worry at all about it losing any of its flavor profile.
The next time St. Patrick’s Day comes along, don’t be afraid to add the extra step of rinsing your corned beef slab because you may find that it tastes way better.