Portrait of two experienced chefs ready for preparing delicious dishes for customer in private kitchen
Do Private Chefs Actually Live With Their Clients?
By Stacie Adams
The convenience of a personal chef isn’t only enjoyed by celebrities or the ultra-rich, as many who aren’t as wealthy might want extra help if they have a busy profession or specific diet requirement. While some personal chefs live at their employer’s house, it may not always require a change in residence.
Not all private chefs live with their clients, as some will just be asked to arrive at the home on a schedule to perform meal prep for the week or prepare special meals for holidays and celebrations. However, some people require their chefs to live within their homes, either for a year-long in-residence contract or during certain times of the year for daily meal preparation and cooking.
Becoming a personal chef is far from easy and requires a culinary degree and experience in the restaurant industry. Most private chefs have at least five years of experience working in restaurants, and some choose to complete extra certifications for training on food safety or preparing food for others.