Close-up of roasted peanuts filling the frame.
Did Texas Roadhouse Really Get Rid Of Its Iconic Peanuts?
By Allie Ward
Texas Roadhouse's complimentary peanuts are an iconic part of its dining experience, and throwing the shells on the floor has become a tradition at the steakhouse.
That's why rumors circulating about Texas Roadhouse possibly discontinuing its signature peanuts have caused quite a stir among its fans.
Although some locations have reportedly gotten rid of the free in-house peanuts and have opted for to-go bags instead, others may continue to offer them.
A self-professed Texas Roadhouse resource site addressed the peanut issue in a February 2024 post, assuring that the restaurant still serves peanuts to in-house diners.
However, there isn't any official statement from Texas Roadhouse, and since the restaurants are franchise operations, the peanut practices may vary from location to location.
The overall consensus online is that the practice was phased out during the COVID-19 pandemic, but to-go bags of peanuts are still available if you ask.