The entrance of an Aldi store.
Desserts At Aldi That Make For A Sweeter May Month
By Tom Maxwell
These wonderfully crispy pastries from Specially Selected come in two flavors: a sweet, creamy caramel topping and a tart, mixed berry flavor.
Caramel Apple Blossoms
You'll find these little delights in the freezer section starting May 1. A box of Specially Selected Caramel Apple Blossoms will run you $3.29 for two blossoms per pack.
These ice cream bars from Sundae Shoppe are a mixture of silky vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and dotted with a toffee-like crunchy caramel.
Crunch Bars
This product is available from May 1; each box contains three ice cream bars and costs $3.49. There will also be a Vanilla and Forest Berry White Chocolate Fusion bar.
This thaw-and-serve treat from Belmont is a cookie-crusted take on a South Floridian classic, and you can get it for just $5.99.
Key Lime Pie
This creative take on an old classic from Sundae Shoppe is a creamy vanilla ice cream squished between two caramel-filled waffle cookies.
Stroopwafel Ice Cream
These beauties will be on the shelves from May 8, with a box of four sandwiches costing $4.99. At this price, it wouldn’t hurt to buy two or more boxes.
Deutsche Küche Bienenstich Indulgent Cakes will be available at Aldi on May 8 for $3.99. These elegant-looking cakes come in two flavors.
Bienenstich Cakes
One is a yellow cake with a layer of vanilla mousse, topped with almonds. The other is a chocolate and yellow cake with morello cherries, a cream topping, and a layer of chocolate.