Man ordering a drink at the bar
Dash Vs. Splash: Know The Difference To Order At The Bar Like A Pro
By Elizabeth Thorn
When it comes to cocktails, splashes are significantly larger than dashes, and being aware of this subtle variation can greatly impact your drink's flavor.
A dash is tiny, usually around 1/32 of an ounce or a simple shake of a bottle. On the other hand, a splash refers to around 1/5 of an ounce.
A dash is typically used for strong, flavorful ingredients such as bitters or hot sauce, while a splash is used for less intense elements such as juice or soda.
Don Lee, Cocktail Kingdom's Director of Product Development, says, "A dash is this elusive thing that really doesn't exist … [it's] something you actually kind of do to taste."
The classic Manhattan relies on just a dash or two of bitters — a splash would completely alter the flavor profile and take away from the richness of the base ingredients.
Meanwhile, a well-made margarita relies on a splash of orange liqueur, such as triple sec, to bring out the tequila and lime juice. A dash would be too little for the drink.