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Could Costco Have Already Ditched Its New Food Court Cookie?
By Matthew Wilson
The huge Double Chocolate Chunk cookie is a relatively new addition to Costco's food court. However, some shoppers are alarmed to find that Costco is removing the item.
According to a Redditor, an image of an alleged recent shopping trip showcased that churros had replaced the cookies. Many commenters seemed surprised by the sudden change.
Some theorized that it could be a sign that Costco is starting limited-time seasonal items, but Costco has not provided updates regarding the cookie's status.
Although the original Redditor's post location remains unknown, some reports suggest that a temporary swap may have occurred at one location.
After the Reddit post about Costco's chocolate chip cookies went viral, shoppers expressed confusion about their availability. Some say it could've been a "troll post."
While some Costco locations still have cookies on the menu, others have reported missing them. Shoppers speculated about supply issues and the impact of high altitudes on baking.