bowl of cottage cheese
Cottage Cheese Will Give Your Tuna Salad A Major Upgrade
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
While a standard tuna salad recipe certainly tastes great, you can ramp things up by mixing in some cottage cheese for added protein, rich creaminess, and a bit of sourness.
You can also use whichever cottage cheese variety you prefer. Whether it's light or full-fat, it still adds a nice creaminess and tang to your tuna salad.
Depending on how much you add, you may be able to skip or reduce the mayonnaise since the cheese takes care of the fat component and adds body and protein to make it extra filling.
Canned tuna packed in olive oil tends to have a greasier flavor and doesn't need as much extra fat for a creamy salad, so save some money and opt for a water-packed variety.
Simply drain off the water before combining it with your favorite cottage cheese. You can always add a drizzle of olive oil if your tuna salad needs more moisture.