Beef chimichangas with sour cream pico de gallo and mole sauce.
Chimichangas Are Never The Best Entree To Order
At Mexican Restaurants
By Stacie Adams
Some professional chefs urge patrons at Mexican restaurants to rethink ordering chimichangas if they want a delicious dining experience.
Firoz Thanawalla, chef and CEO of Chef's Satchel, warns that the preparation of chimichangas often lacks the bold flavors of other Mexican dishes.
This has to do with the deep-frying process, which can cause the filling to meld together, making the chimichanga far blander and less flavorful than its individual components.
They're also packed full of calories (more than 1,500), which isn't worthwhile when you could eat something much tastier and more distinctly flavored.
Choosing a burrito ensures you taste every component, no matter what it’s filled with. It’s also always good to try something new, especially if it’s the restaurant’s specialty.