Asian-style barbecue chicken drumsticks and wings with. Close-up composition on dark wooden background.
Chicken Wing Flats Versus Drums: Which Is Best For Dipping?
By Heather Newman
From crispy Korean BBQ with its sweet and spicy sauce to the whole host of options at Buffalo Wild Wings, chicken wings are both flexible and delicious, perfect for a party or just a snack. A typical plate of chicken wings will feature a mix of drums — the pieces literally resembling little drumsticks — and flats — the pieces that are long and flat — and there’s debate about which is better to dip.
When it comes to wing shape, drums seem like the obvious winner, given that most of their meat is at one end and they fit well into a cup of dip. Flats pose a challenge with dipping since the meat is in the middle and it can be hard to get coverage while dunking — but that's not the whole story.
Some people do think flats are the easier ones to dip, but there's a better approach to getting your wing flat sauced. "Dip it meaty side down in some blue cheese that's been poured on to your plate […] and you have yourself the perfect ratio of skin to meat to sauce to blue cheese," says Emily Kluckhohn Morrow, co-owner of Step Out Buffalo.