JALISCO STATE, MEXICO - 2015/09/08: When served neat (without any additional ingredients), tequila is most often served in a narrow shot glass called a caballito (little horse, in Spanish), Jalisco State, Mexico. (Photo by Ricardo Beliel/Brazil Photos/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Charcuterie Cheeses That Will Amplify Your Tequila
By Clement Obropta
The haters will say it's heretical to bring out the tequila with a charcuterie board, as wine is usually meat and cheese's perfect companion. However, not every cheese is compatible with wine; as many have discovered, some cheeses pair well with tequila.
David Tyda, co-owner of Phoenix's Barcoa Agaveria, suggests an aged gouda to pair with reposado tequila, saying, "The cheese [provides] smokey, cooked milk notes, and the tequila [brings] a light, uplifting quality to the pairing." Tyda also suggests manchego paired with añejo tequila, depending on where the manchego is sourced.
Since tequila pairs so well with smoky, complex flavors, there are some options only the most die-hard cheese connoisseurs might seek out. Cheddar cheese contains grassy aromas and nutty-savory notes that will entertain tequila lovers without scaring off the faint of heart; there's also Maroilles cheese, which sports an intense aroma with its mushroom, walnut, and bacon notes.
To ensure your tequila isn't the most pungent taste at the table, you can also pair the spirit with cow's milk cheeses like the aisy cendre or barricato al pepe that offer a more aggressive and bold flavor. You could also try the Spanish idiazábal for a smoky-flavored sheep's milk cheese.