Casserole with broccoli and fish
Casseroles Are Perfect For Freezing, So Double Your Recipe
By Riya Anne Polcastro
Make a habit of doubling your casserole recipes and freezing the second one to easily keep an extra helping on hand when you need a reheatable, ready-to-eat meal.
Casseroles freeze and reheat well. You can freeze them after they're baked or after you've assembled the pre-cooked meat, noodles, and veggies to bake them later.
Line the baking dish with foil before assembly, and fold the foil over the top. Once frozen, pull it out to freeze without the dish and wrap it again to protect it from the air.
If you bake the casserole ahead of time, let it cool completely before freezing it, and leave off any garnishes or toppings that could get soggy during the defrosting process.
Since dairy doesn't take to super cold temperatures and may not retain its proper texture, you may want to avoid freezing casseroles that contain a lot of soft cheese or cream.