A plate of refried chips topped with cheese and chips.
Canned Fried Beans Need 2 Simple Ingredients For A Hefty Upgrade
By S. Ferrari
Refried beans are usually made with beans, garlic, onion, pork lard, and sometimes cheese or hot sauce, but you can add a sweet and spicy twist by including 'nduja and honey.
'Nduja is a soft and spreadable salami from Southern Italy. In refried beans, you can swap out the pork lard and hot sauce with 'nduja and honey to add a rich depth of flavor.
The combination of pork and Calabrian chili gives 'nduja a funky flavor, which welcomes the floral undertones of a good drizzle of honey.
A little goes a long way, and especially if you're sensitive to heat, it's a good idea to start with a small amount of 'nduja and add as you like.
The pork in the 'nduja is cured, so simply stir the sausage and the honey in a few minutes before the beans are ready to go.