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Can You Use Expired Cake Mix?
By Betsy Parks
Boxed cake mix is convenient and super easy to put together. Although it has a long shelf life, it unfortunately doesn't last forever, and there's a date on the box for a reason.
There's a little leeway after the expiration date, but there's a big chance it won't rise properly. The leavening, which is usually baking powder, degrades the fastest.
Even if unopened, the baking powder loses efficacy after a few months and may result in a flat, dense cake. The solution is to add more fresh leavener to the mix.
If the mix is six months past the expiration date, add a quarter more leavening needed for an equivalent cake recipe, half the amount if it's a year past its expiration, and so on.
The typical expiration date range of boxed cake mix is six months to a year, which is the period when the manufacturer guarantees that the mix will rise correctly and taste good.
Does It Go Bad advises that expired cake mix is safe to use up to six months after the expiration date, but as the ingredients are dried and sealed, they may last up to two years.