removing a casserole from the oven
Can You Safely Broil Food If It's In A Pyrex Dish?
By Dawn Hammon
Pyrex is a glass product produced with soda lime and borosilicate. You should carefully monitor Its function in the kitchen, especially when it comes to broiling food.
Although Pyrex can stand up to the heat of an oven up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, placing it under the broiler exposes it to direct heat, which can cause it to shatter.
Similarly, Pyrex is not safe for use on any type of burner, such as an electric range, gas range, propane heat, or a countertop unit, as well as on a grill or in a toaster oven.
An oven in the preheating stages works similarly to direct heat, so avoid putting your Pyrex dishes in the oven until it reaches the appropriate cooking temperature.
Pyrex is popular for its thermal shock resistance, but it can still get damaged. Allow cold dishes to come up to room temp before heating, and cool hot ones before refrigeration.
If you plan to brown the top of your roasted vegetables or casseroles, opt for a baking sheet pan or a cast iron skillet that can safely handle the direct heat from your broiler.