Passenger drinking champagne on an airplane
Can You Drink Your Duty-free Liquor On The Airplane?
By Christine Barba
In the past, you may have experienced plane rides where the flight attendant served you the duty-free liquor you had just purchased at the airport. While passengers are still allowed to bring most duty-free alcohol on planes, as long as it is in a 3.4-ounce container or less, you may be disappointed if you would still like this service in 2023.
U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations have ended this practice, as flight attendants are no longer allowed to serve passengers their own liquor. JetBlue states on its website, “You may bring wine, champagne or beer on a flight as long as it is in an unopened container. You are not allowed to consume your own alcohol while on board.”
Many airlines have dropped the regulations put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic, so passengers can still purchase alcohol or get free booze on certain airlines. Factors such as the airline, whether you’re flying domestic or international, and what class you’re flying in affect what types of alcoholic beverages are complimentary, so check your airline’s website to see what is available.