A bowl of steaming boiled potatoes
Brighten Boring Boiled Potatoes With A Zing Of Pickle Juice
By Sarah Richter
Potatoes are great at taking on other flavors, so you may want to try adding some to a boiling pot of salty, mouth-puckering pickle juice and water.
Letting potatoes cook in the pickle juice and water solution will infuse them with all the herbs and flavors from the pickle brine, long before they are even part of a dish.
This tasty trick works on all kinds of potatoes. Just be sure to peel or cut your potatoes, or use potatoes with thin skin so the pickle juice can permeate the flesh of the spud.
Once your potatoes are fork-tender, just drain them, and from there you can pan-fry them to a golden crust, now that they are already tender in the middle.
You can also make them into a delicious potato salad by adding some more fresh dill and the mayonnaise or vinegar dressing of your choice.