A closeup of a variety of pasta.
Barilla Vs De Cecco Pasta: Which Is The Better Buy?
By Elaina Friedman
Barilla and De Cecco are two familiar brands of Italian imported pasta that you can usually find on grocery store shelves, but in terms of quality, one of them is a cut above.
De Cecco is technically of higher quality because it cuts its pasta with bronze machines, a process known in Italy as trafilata al bronzo.
Barilla's original line of pasta uses Teflon, which is less expensive to produce and maintain. However, the pasta doesn't perform quite as well on your plate.
The bronze die that De Cecco pasta goes through creates a porousness that helps sauces cling to it, but Teflon's nonstick surface creates slick pasta that sauces can't stick to.
When it comes to the price between these brands, the difference is not that extreme. For instance, Kroger sells De Cecco cavatappi for $1 more than Barilla's version online.
As one Reddit user put it, "De Cecco may be one of the more expensive supermarket brands, but it's still really cheap in absolute terms."