Woman washing fresh ripe juicy carrots under tap water in sink.
Apparently We've All Been Using Strainers The Wrong Way
By Chase Shustack
A strainer helps separate liquids and solids while cooking, and while there are different ways to use this kitchen tool, some argue only one method is the correct method.
While many of us place our strainer in the sink and dump the contents into it, a viral TikTok video suggests putting the strainer into the pot itself instead is the better method.
You should sink the bottom of the strainer into the water or whatever liquid it is you're straining, while the wide rim of the strainer keeps it from falling into the pot.
This hack effectively strains the liquid from your pot while preventing potential scalding. You also don't lose any noodles as you pour, which makes this method safe and easy.
This method simply uses the strainer in a position you wouldn't expect, but TikTok user @johannawestbrook received negative comments on a video showcasing this method. 
“A friend of mine did it like this so at my house he did it with my plastic strainer and it 100% melted and ruined my strainer,” reported one user.
However, there were fans of the method, with one user saying, “There is a difference, less chance of getting burned and making a mess! Thanks for sharing.”