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An Air Fryer Is Key To Using Up Discarded Potato Peels
By Allison Lindsey
Instead of throwing the skins away after peeling potatoes, reduce your food waste by popping them into the air fryer to make crispy potato peel chips.
Air-fried potato skins boast a crunchy texture and lots of flavor. The fast-circulating hot air in an air fryer quickly gives them a perfectly crispy quality, using minimal oil.
You only need a drizzle of oil and the seasonings and aromatics of your choice to make a better, healthier alternative to deep-fried, homemade potato chips.
Since potatoes are pulled from the ground and often hold on to some dirt on the skin, wash your spuds thoroughly before you begin the peeling and cooking process.
Place the peels in a single layer in the air fryer basket to avoid overcrowding and promote proper air circulation. Keep a close eye on the cooking time so they don't burn.
Air frying times can vary based on the device and the thickness of the potato peels. Once they are golden brown and have visibly crispy edges, they’re likely ready to come out.
You can infuse your chips with a burst of freshness by tossing them in a medley of finely chopped herbs like rosemary, thyme, and parsley for a fragrant and aromatic flavor.