sliced grilled cheese sandwich
Amp Up Grilled Cheese Beyond Belief With One Tomato Addition
By Asia McLain
If you love the combination of a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup, you can capture the zesty, creamy taste by adding a layer of tomato paste to your sandwich.
This smooth and seasoned paste contains concentrated tomatoes and is frequently used to add deeper flavor and depth to dishes with a tomato base, such as pasta sauce.
It has a thicker consistency than tomato sauce and can add an extra robust flavor and texture boost to your grilled cheese sandwich when spread on the inside of the bread slices.
While there's nothing wrong with simply smearing the tomato paste inside your sandwich, caramelizing its natural sugars emboldens its flavor to compliment the gooey cheese.
Cook the paste in a nonstick skillet with olive oil for a few minutes on medium heat until it develops a deeper color before spreading it on your bread and adding your cheese.
If you prefer a gooier sandwich interior, spread a layer of your paste on the inside of one (or both) of your bread slices first, then grill your sandwich for a pizza-like texture.