A barbecue grill with flames.
Alton Brown Shares The Best Ways To Make Barbecue Without A Grill
By Brandon Bombay
It can be frustrating when the craving for delicious homemade barbecue hits, but no barbecue grill is in sight. Thankfully, celebrity chef Alton Brown has tips that will allow you to emulate the desired barbecue flavoring from the confines of your kitchen — regardless of the size.
Brown's number one tip is to use a grill pan with raised ribs, saying, "They make grill marks ... [And] allow fat and moisture to fall away from the surface of the food.” Alternatively, Brown suggests using the broil feature on your oven, specifically recommending that you move the racks to the top slot and place the meat directly on the rack to capture that barbecue taste.
The oven door needs to be left slightly open when broiling to keep the airflow circulating in the oven; otherwise, the thermostat will turn the broiler off once it reaches broiling temperatures. Of course, to avoid a disastrous mess, Brown says to place a pan or baking tray under the meat to catch the juice and drippings.
When it comes to seasoning, Brown prefers Danish smoked salts and smoked paprika, and he recommends brushing liquid smoke on the meat about an hour before cooking and reapplying up to three times. Smoke-flavored seasoning can often smoke up during cooking, causing coughing fits when indoors, so use it sparingly or after cooking.