A closeup of an Aldi entrance.
Aldi's Cheese Club Express Mac Is A Total Kraft Copycat
By Kalea Martin
Kraft’s mac and cheese cups are delicious, but their $6 price tag is steep. Thankfully, Aldi has a cheaper alternative called Express Mac, which sells for just over $4.
Aldi's Express Mac is sold under the brand Cheese Club. Like the Kraft version, it's prepared by filling the cup with water, microwaving it, and then adding powdered cheese.
Both products also come in packs of four, and each cup is around 2 ounces. Even though these two products seem similar, there are differences, and they are not the same product.
The main difference between Express Mac and the Kraft version is that the former uses real cheese, while the latter uses a cheese sauce mix and cheese cultures.
However, the Kraft one is free of artificial colors, preservatives, and dyes, while the Aldi one is only free of artificial colors.