Top view of pot of Mu kratha on the table. Traditional thailand dish. Sliced pork meat is grilled on the dome in the centre while the vegetables and noodles cook in the soup (also called Thai suki). The hot pot sits on a pail of burning charcoal which grills or boils the food
Adding An Umami Boost To Soup Is Simpler Than You Might Think
By Linda Larsen
Umami triggers a taste sensation described as rich and meaty, which Insider calls the fifth taste, in addition to sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. Umami can be used as a flavor booster that can elevate any dish, and adding an umami boost to your soup is pretty simple as long as you use the right ingredients.
The best foods to add to your soup to boost umami flavor include soy sauce, meats, mushrooms, garlic, spinach, celery, tomatoes, seaweed, miso paste, seafood, and Parmesan or other aged cheeses. If your soup recipe already includes some of these foods, you can add more according to taste.
The umami ingredient you should add to your soup depends on the recipe, so it is best to think about the ingredients’ flavor and appearance before you add umami-boosting foods for them to blend well together. For example, mushrooms and soy sauce work well with chicken soup, while seaweed, tomatoes, and celery will improve your hearty vegetable soup.