A closeup of a tuna salad.
Add An Electric Bite To Tuna Salad With One Pickled Ingredient
By Kuamel Stewart
For a pickled twist on your tuna salad, add pepperoncini peppers to give it a pop of color while elevating the dish's flavor profile.
This yellow-green chili pepper will add a vibrant yellowish hue to your salad, as well as a sour kick from its flavor, bite from its crunch, and warmth from its spice.
If you're worried about heat, these peppers register on the Scoville heat scale anywhere between 100 to 500, so they are very mild.
While you can simply mix julienned pepperoncini into your tuna salad, you can also add pepperoncini juice, which is composed of vinegar, salt, the pepper's juices, and seasonings.