bottles of A.1. steak sauce
A1 Steak Sauce Is So Popular Because Of One Ingredient
By Stacie Adams
A.1. steak sauce is a renowned condiment that is often described as savory yet tart, and it gets its characteristic flavor from an uncommon ingredient: orange purée.
Along with components like tomato paste, vinegar, and dried garlic, A.1. sauce contains crushed orange purée. This ingredient sets it apart from other steak sauce brands’ recipes.
While orange purée is less common in steak sauce, orange is often paired with red meat. The bright, acidic flavors of the citrus balance the meaty, savory flavor of the steak.
The orange purée creates a tangy and complex flavor, and the citrus also tenderizes your steak. Lemons and limes also have this effect, but oranges offer a mild and sweet balance.
The label on A.1. steak sauce does not detail the components of the brand's orange purée, but it usually includes the entire orange, including the peel and pith (the white stuff).
Oranges are often boiled to alleviate some of the bitterness from the peel before being puréed in a food processor. Sugar may also be added, depending on the recipe.