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A Shot Of Bourbon Can Turn A Long Island Iced Tea Into A Texas Tea
By Elizabeth Thorn
With just one shot of bourbon, you can turn a classic Long Island Iced Tea recipe into a bold, refreshing Texas Tea.
The Long Island Iced Tea is a mix of equal parts vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, tequila, and sour mix, topped off with a splash of cola and a citrus garnish.
Adding bourbon to an already smooth and crisp Long Island Iced Tea will bring a strong libation back to its possible Southern roots, imbuing it with a smooth and spicy taste.
To make the Texas Tea variation, you can follow a traditional Long Island Iced Tea recipe but add the bourbon shot before shaking or stirring the drink.
Maker’s Mark is a great option for bourbon due to its smooth taste with hints of vanilla and spicy oak, but really any whiskey will do.
When selecting other spirits for Texas Tea, Difford’s Guide recommends Ketel One vodka for its refreshing finish, and Patron Añejo tequila, touted for its citrusy aftertaste.
Regarding gin and rum, consider London dry gin and a charcoal-filtered light dry rum, which are both on par with the other smooth selections offered in this particular recipe.