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A Muffin Tin Is All You Need For TikTok's Delectable Melted Onions
By Andra Picincu
Melted onions make for a delicious appetizer or side dish and can easily feed a crowd. They're slightly sweet, caramelized, and have a buttery texture that melts in your mouth.
You can bake them directly in a pan or on a sheet, but they might stick to each other or lose their shape. A viral TikTok recommends using a muffin tin instead.
Cut the onions in half and place each one in a muffin cup with the cut side facing up. Season them with salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, garlic, sage, or turmeric.
Bake the onions for 20 minutes, then take them out to brush them with butter or oil. Bake them for about another 40 minutes, and when they're done, transfer them to a large plate.
For best results, choose similarly-sized onions so they cook evenly, and grease your muffin tin with a bit of oil before cooking to prevent them from sticking to it.
Once they're fully cooked, you can use them in French onion soup, onion tarts, sandwiches, appetizers, or as a perfect side dish for grilled steak or chicken.