A bottle of sauce soy
A Little Soy Sauce Is All You Need To Amp Up Bolognese
By Kelly Douglas
Bolognese is one of the most beloved pasta sauces, and if you love meaty pasta, it probably has a special place in your heart. Some professional chefs bring out the flavors of this decadent meat-tomato combination by adding soy sauce to bolster the meat flavors of your sauce, making it taste even richer. 
Soy sauce is full of umami flavor, which is a savory taste that can bulk up the meat flavors in your bolognese sauce. Combine the soy sauce with meat, which also has a significant umami taste, and you'll have the meatiest of sauces — without changing the proportions of meat. 
Umami is found in other ingredients that you probably include in your bolognese or eat alongside it, like tomatoes and Parmesan cheese, and the effect certainly seems like magic when you taste it for yourself. Mushrooms also fall into that "umami" category, and they can easily stand in for meat without tasting like you added in a bunch of vegetables.