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A Few Drops Of Vanilla Extract Can Rescue A Smelly Refrigerator
By Chase Shustack
Putting a box of baking soda in a reeking fridge is a common practice because its chemical structure helps neutralize or eliminate foul odors. You can also use activated charcoal to remove any stench from certain parts of your fridge, but a few drops of vanilla extract can efficiently keep your fridge from stinking while making it smell much better.
To get rid of those foul odors lingering in your refrigerator, pour some vanilla extract onto a cotton ball, put it in a small dish, and place it in your fridge. Keep your fridge closed for a few hours to allow the vanilla extract to fill the interior with a very subtle, light aroma of vanilla.
You could also put a vanilla-soaked cotton ball into a funky-smelling cupboard or pantry, and per MSN, there's an "old real estate trick" that involves putting a few drops of vanilla extract onto a lightbulb before turning it back on. For a citrus-smelling refrigerator, place a dish filled with lemon slices, salt, and baking soda in your fridge for a few hours.