BARCELONA, SPAIN - 2019/10/03: Taco Bell logo seen outside a branch in Paseo de Gracia. (Photo by Keith Mayhew/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
A Candlelit Vigil For Taco Bell Is Leaving TikTok
In Ruins
By Stacie Adams
Taco Bell is known for its effective marketing campaigns, as evidenced by its social media marketing strategy, which focuses on fun and hilarious messaging that exemplifies the brand's playful side. Taco Bell devotees also have a real knack for viral marketing, as illustrated by a recent topic making the rounds on TikTok.
In 2018, a fire felled a Montgomery, Alabama Taco Bell and inspired a community, including organizer Katie James, who jokingly created a Facebook event called "Candlelight vigil for taco bell zelda road." However, as the video footage now circulating TikTok has shown, it was taken seriously, with many devotees showing up to pay their respects to the restaurant.
However, one attendee at the vigil went a step beyond to take her place in the annals of internet shenanigans forever — the Baja Blast Lady. Her song features just one line, “Baja Blast,” which leads the crowd to raise their candles in honor of the woman and the beverage she praises.