A closeup of a variety of seafood dishes.
9 Chain Restaurants That Serve The Highest Quality Seafood To Guests
By Marlene Ridgway
Weathervane Seafood Restaurants is known for its locally sourced seafood, its menu with various fresh options, and full transparency regarding sourcing.
1. Weathervane Seafood
Throughout New England, the company has fostered lasting relationships with the local fishing community and continuously works with its connections to stock up on the day’s catch.
Seamore's commitment to freshness is especially clear with its Fresh Off the Dock menu, which often includes oysters of the day, clearly presenting their origin point.
2. Seamore's
It adheres to regulations supporting sustainable fishing practices, such as sourcing species with a growing or stable stock. This leads to a diverse menu full of unique dishes.
McCormick & Schmick's makes the list due to its oysters, harvested from private beds, and its efforts toward sustainable seafood practices.
3. McCormick & Schmick's
It also sources its ahi tuna via the sustainable longline fishing method, and its popular Open Blue Cobia is caught in the wild and offers a firm texture and mild flavor.
Cousins Maine Lobster has found a way to bring high-quality lobster to far-off destinations and perfected the practice of keeping seafood fresh.
4. Cousins Maine Lobster
The restaurant can even ship fresh Maine lobster right to your doorstep and encourages customers to learn more about the origins of the lobster it serves.
Luke's Lobster serves fresh-caught Maine lobster, employs local fishermen, and has a state-of-the-art processing facility in Saco, Maine, with B Corp status.
5. Luke's Lobster
Perhaps most impressively, Luke's Lobster has conducted a third-party carbon footprint assessment that exhaustively documented the emissions involved in every part of its business.