An Aldi signage above an Aldi store entrance.
7 Canned Foods To Look Out For At Aldi
By Trevor Carlson
Dakota's Pride pinto beans are tender right out of the can and don’t take long to cook. Best of all, these large cans of beans cost under a couple of bucks.
Pinto Beans
Baker's Corner sweetened condensed milk is creamy, sweet, and is cheaper than creamer. It’s great for sweetening coffee and balancing its bitterness.
Condensed Milk
Pueblo Lindo chopped green chiles are deeply flavorful without being overly spicy and are a great addition to beans, chili, tacos, and chicken quesadillas.
Green Chiles
Despite being canned, Sweet Harvest Mandarin oranges are impressively firm and colorful. They are great additions to salads, stir-fry dishes, and smoothies.
Mandarin Oranges
Happy Harvest stewed tomatoes have a great flavor and natural sweetness, making them great for making pasta sauce, tomato soup, and curries.
Stewed Tomatoes