Queen Consort Camilla meeting the public.
2 Ingredients Queen Consort Camilla Banned From The Coronation Day Menu
By Missy Boylan
King Charles' coronation featured lavish food, but there were two ingredients that were not on the menu at the request of Queen Consort Camilla: garlic and chili.
This decision was likely due to personal preference. On a podcast called "The News Agents," her son said, "She doesn't like chili, she doesn't like massive spice."
The queen consort's preferences are familiar to those who follow the British royals, as the family has historically stayed away from serving spicy foods at formal events.
In addition to a potential stomach upset, the reasoning behind the ban may be due to other physical effects of eating spicy food, like sweating.
As for garlic, food writer Parker Bowles chalked the preference up to "purely social reasons," since it can make your breath smell. The late Queen Elizabeth II also banned garlic.