Xan Indigo

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Paris, France
University Of Nottingham
East Asian Cuisine, European Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy
  • Xan has lived in four countries across Eurasia, and has enjoyed a wide variety of food and culture.
  • With an interest in historical cooking, Xan has made recipes from medieval cookbooks like "The Forme of Cury" and "Kitab Al-Tabikh."
  • Candy making is one of Xan's hobbies, and they've made a variety of recipes from scratch including lapsang souchong fudge, Japanese karintō manju, Appalachian potato candy, and Indian besan ladoos.


Xan has a diverse, multicultural family, and has traveled extensively while working as a scientist. As a result, they've been lucky enough to enjoy a broad range of food culture from around the globe. Passionate about both food and cooking from a young age, Xan loves to prepare food at home as much as they enjoy dining out, in restaurants and at street food stalls alike. With a background in science Xan has also dabbled in molecular gastronomy, learning about things like flavour chemistry, gelification, and the material science of candy.


Xan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry of materials and a PhD in molecular astrophysics — both interdisciplinary fields which involve finding connections between seemingly disparate concepts and bodies of knowledge.
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