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University Of Illinois
Recipe Development, Family Friendly Meals, Healthy Cooking Shortcuts, Meal Planning
  • Stephanie has been developing recipes as hobby for over 20 years, and professionally for the last four years. She previously started and ran a food subscription box and meal planning business, both targeted at helping busy families eat home-cooked food more often.
  • When Stephanie became a mom with a full-time career, her colleagues asked how she could keep up with cooking for her family so much. She then realized that meal planning was a challenge for many families and started developing and sharing recipes for families.
  • Stephanie honed her recipe-development and photography skills as the owner of a family-focused meal planning business.


Stephanie Rapone is a recipe developer and photographer, meal-planning expert, and has founded two food businesses designed to help families enjoy more homemade meals together. As a busy wife and mom with a career, her passion is developing recipes, meal-prep hacks, and a meal-planning system to make family meals easier. Stephanie is proud of her knack for removing unnecessary steps and ingredients to make recipes more simple and approachable for home cooks. She currently develops recipes with photography for blogs and food brands.


With a degree in Advertising, Stephanie has learned how to observe everyday problems and wants of others and uses that to craft unique solutions, and has also developed an eye for good design and composition. These skills help her create recipes for real people that fit into today's lifestyle, and create photography that draws people in to want to make that food.
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