Savannah McClelland

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Rouen, France
Florida Atlantic University Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
Coffee, Cuisine, Recipe Development
  • Savannah McClelland grew up in a food-centered family, and her interest in cooking and food didn't just develop early; her parents and relatives encouraged her to be active in the kitchen and to devour any cookbook she could get her hands on.
  • Savannah worked at several different coffee shops and cafés, including Starbucks, where she trained to become a Coffee Master, developing her interest in coffee, tea, and beverages in general.
  • She has written for several websites within the coffee and tea niche, including Full Coffee Roast, and curates food-related content on her Instagram for friends and followers.


Savannah is an ex-pat living in one of the major culinary centers of the world, France. Her interests in cooking and writing both came about early, and she began working in various jobs in the world of food as a teenager, even while beginning her writing career. She has written for a variety of sites including Cracked and TopTenz, among others. As the senior copywriter for the digital advertising agency BMI Elite, Savannah worked with several companies in the food and beverage industries.


As part of her degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a concentration in English Literature and Composition, Savannah pursued an interest in Anthropology, including work in the foodways of the American South. She produced several research papers on food culture-related topics, including an ethnography of cafe culture and a report on cultural identity and food mythology.
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