Sam Watanuki

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Denver, CO
Pacific University
Meal Prep & Planning, Recipe Development, Cooking For A Crowd
  • Sam is a lover of all things food, which is clear from his self-proclaimed, though well-deserved moniker of ChipotleSam. Seriously ... just ask him about his Chipotle burrito tattoo.
  • Before settling on a political science degree, Sam was accepted into Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Oregon, ultimately deciding to go the more traditional university route.
  • As the designated family chef for both daily meals and holiday gatherings, Sam has plenty of experience cooking for groups large and small — developing and tweaking recipes along the way that will eventually make their way into the cookbook that he is currently writing.


Sam has been writing professionally since early 2018, laying the foundational success for growing food-related websites like TheTravel and TheRecipe. However, the Denver, Colorado native's knack for writing has been a life-long endeavor. His time spent in corporate positions has helped shape the professional element of his creative writing passion and skills.


For whatever reason, Sam decided to pursue a degree at Pacific University in political science for the sole reason of wanting to write a 45+ page senior thesis. The success of that endeavor helped pave the way for his natural path to a writing career.
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