Sam Victor

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University Of Colorado Boulder
Zero-waste Cooking, Food Sustainability, Plant-based Diets
  • Sam's detailed research and insightful commentary on the rise of plant-based diets have led to his work being cited in numerous health and wellness publications, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in this emerging food trend.
  • Sam is currently authoring a book on sustainable eating habits, serving as a pioneering voice in the field and providing readers with an extensive, practical guide to sustainable food practices.
  • Beyond writing, Sam brings practical expertise to his work, maintaining a small urban garden where he grows ingredients for his plant-based recipes, a labor of love that deepens his understanding of sustainable food practices and inspires his readers to adopt similar habits.


Sam is a passionate food enthusiast with a deep understanding of current industry trends. With a solid background in food industry, Sam has developed expertise in pinpointing, exploring, and communicating about what's fresh and exciting in the culinary world. His areas of specialty include Plant-Based Diets, Food Sustainability, and zero-waste cooking. Sam is also well-versed in food innovation trends such as alternative proteins and cleaner food. Always keeping his finger on the pulse of food culture, Sam brings a contemporary perspective to the table that keeps readers engaged and enlightened. He is driven by the belief that food isn't just a means to survive - it's a way to connect, inspire, and make our lives healthier and more enjoyable. Sam's Today Meal content promises a blend of insights and advice on clean eating, zero-waste cooking, precision nutrition, and more.


Sam holds a certificate in strategic communication from the University of Colorado Boulder.
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