Roger Adler

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West Hartford, CT
Colgate University
House Painting, Travel, Pets
  • Roger has written articles for periodicals, in-house publications, and media outlets in New York City and Connecticut.
  • For many years, Roger's popular weekly National Law Journal Column showcased the nation's top lawyers.
  • He wrote "An Insider's Guide to the West Side" for the New York Times, and co-authored two books, "The Army/Navy Store Catalog" (Penguin Books) and "Croquet: It's History, Strategy, Rules and Records" (Stephen Greene Press/Penguin).


Roger's career in words started as one of four principals in a book packaging company (one of his partners being Stephen King's editor). Since then, he has co-written two books and a booklet for The New York Times. As a long-time contributor to American Law Media, his work has appeared in The National Law Journal; The New York Law Journal; Lexis/Nexis;; Texas Lawyer; Northwestern Law, and countless other legal publications. More than 200 of his profiles highlighted the top lawyers from Fortune 500 companies. Roger's freelance writing has covered subjects as diverse as Richie Havens, Japanese woodblocks, kitchen design, gardening and diversity in Connecticut businesses. Influenced by his stint as an NBC page, where he met John Lennon, Muhammed Ali and Ringo Starr, Roger keeps an eye on popular culture as much as his free time allows.


Roger has a bachelor's degree in English from Colgate University, nestled deep in New York State's Chenango Valley. He received an education steeped in tradition, with an emphasis on English and philosophy. By the time he graduated, he had finally become acclimated to the harsh upstate winters.
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