Riya Anne Polcastro

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La Paz, BCS, Mexico
University Of Oregon
Celiac-friendly Foods, Street Food Staples, Fridge Cleanout Meals
  • In 2017, Riya released a book about her experiences with undiagnosed celiac and how she used food to heal her gut.
  • As a writer for TriplePundit, she has covered the relationship between the food system and the environment extensively.
  • She thoroughly enjoys the challenge of cooking while traveling as well as replicating the meals she has eaten abroad after returning home.


Riya has been writing since she could hold a pencil — longer than that if the stories she dictated to her great-grandmother count. She has also been a big foodie for just about as long. While an autoimmune disease limits her gastronomic choices, she has learned to make the most out of the foods that are available to her. Because of this, she often makes restaurant-quality meals at home. It doesn't hurt that she has also worked in numerous restaurants, steakhouses, bistros, and bars where she learned a variety of techniques and new uses for ingredients. She loves to play around with new foods, take deep dives into the history and culture of her favorite dishes, and be among the first to try recently released gluten-free versions of old favorites.


Riya has a bachelor's degree in sociology and history from the University of Oregon.
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