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Greater Philadelphia Area
New York University, Yale University
Cooking With Children, Western European And Latin American Food Traditions, Dinner Party Strategies
  • Rebecca was the primary recipient of the Ambassador's Fund Grant ($28K) to further studies on the integration of culture and language in Spanish teaching, including the role of culinary practices.
  • In 2019, Rebecca founded Little Ways Kitchen, a small business focused on simplifying and improving meal planning for busy families and individuals.
  • She has organized, coordinated, and catered large numbers of receptions and food events, ranging from weekly lectures at the King Juan Carlos Cultural Center at New York University to student dinners to a Zoom wine-tasting event during quarantine lockdown.


A native New Yorker, Rebecca grew up in a small NY apartment with her parents and five younger siblings, which meant that her college dorm rooms always felt spacious and quiet and every kitchen feels big to her. She has always loved to eat and cook, and trying new things is her favorite, thanks in large part to her mom's decision to write a cookbook when she was a tween. Being her mom's sous chef helped Rebecca embrace her role as a guinea pig and food culture geek. She got a BA in Italian from Yale and worked briefly in consulting before committing to graduate school in Spanish and working as a writer and teacher. She has been tutoring, teaching, researching, writing, editing, and mentoring for a couple of decades. These days, she divides her time between educating teenagers and planning (her own and other people's) meals.


Rebecca graduated from Yale University and majored in Italian. After some time teaching high school, she decided to continue her own studies and completed a PhD in Spanish Literature at New York University. Her interest in languages stems from her passion for both people and culture; her linguistic skills have opened the door to many culinary traditions and recipes which continue to intrigue her.
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