Molly Delmore

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San Diego, CA
University Of Arizona
Social Media Food Trends, Trader Joe's Recipes, Drinks
  • As a social media content creator, she is always on the pulse of new and up and coming food trends. Think: Whipped Coffee, Feta Pasta, Tortilla Wrap Hack, and more!
  • As a self-proclaimed Trader Joe's queen, Molly Delmore spends more time in this grocery store than any other. Outside of shopping, she loves sharing recipes, new finds, and TJ hacks with anyone who will listen.
  • She lives for a good cocktail, a holiday concoction or delicious glass of wine. If you need to know the best drink for every occasion, Molly is your girl.


Molly Delmore has worked as a freelance writer for the last five years covering topics like food, lifestyle, and social media. In college, she was the Editorial Director and writer for Spoon University Arizona. Since graduating and while working in marketing, she was a ghostwriter for various publications covering social media trends and business. After taking the leap to being a full-time writer and content creator, she joined Alb Media in 2021 and has been putting her love and knowledge for social media food trends, Trader Joe's recipes, and drinks to work. Molly has a major sweet tooth which helps her write articles like "Every Entenmann's donut flavor, ranked worst to best".


Molly attended The University of Arizona in sunny Tucson, Arizona. While getting her Bachelors in Retailing and Consumer Sciences she started her writing career working as Editorial Director, writer, and photographer for Spoon University.
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