Megan Anderson

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St. Paul, MN
Simon Business School — University Of Rochester, Michigan State University
Cooking Tips, Vegetable Varieties, Grocery Shopping Tips
  • Megan has lived in five cities and enjoyed trying many restaurants in each. One of her favorites is Hope Breakfast Bar in St. Paul, MN.
  • In 2022 alone, Megan tried thirteen new varieties of produce, including watermelon radishes and garlic scapes.
  • She cooks most nights and rarely repeats a recipe. She especially enjoys making pasta and grain bowls.


Megan has experience writing on a variety of subjects. Previously, she ran a blog for two years that covered productivity and time management. She has also run a blog educating others on personal finance topics. Ever since college, she has loved to be in the kitchen, where she earned the nickname "mom" from her roommates thanks to her home-cooked meals. Recently, Megan has fallen in love with a local Community Supported Agriculture program, which has introduced her to a variety of new produce and challenged her to try new foods and techniques. Because it wasn't long ago that she was new to cooking, she remembers how overwhelming it can be when starting out. Her goal is to help make cooking easier and more enjoyable for Today Meal readers.


Megan received her Bachelor of Music from Michigan State University and her Master of Business Administration at Simon Business School at the University of Rochester.
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